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Poltical strategy backfires?

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I’m a political junkie. I’ve been following it since I was writing op-eds in high school, and Reagan was running up the debt.

So the past month has been interesting to me. The national polls have shown a tight race. The state polls have shown a close race, but one which wasn’t favorable to Romney. The Right has been trying to spin this as the result of the polls being “skewed”.  They’ve been pushing the idea that Romney is going to win by a landslide.  Combined with the narrow national polling I think that was a mistake.


Because they’ve been making such a big deal about it that Dems, who might have been feeling either less than fired up, who might have been staying home, “because Obama will win, and I don’t need to show up,” have been convinced that maybe they do need to show up.

I’ve been looking at the early voting lines, and that Florida has gotten razor thin, and there are lines Virginia is estimating to be at least four hours long at the polls and I think that this isn’t what they expected. Ohio has lines.  All over the net, in the places I go, I see liberals telling each other to go and vote.  I see people who are actually fired up.  People, who three weeks ago were dispirited.  Maybe it happened because of Sandy, and they saw how soulless Romney is, and how uncaring an administration he runs will be.

But if the turnout is higher than predicted, I can’t help but think the steady drumbeat that Romney has it in the bag didn’t help turn out the vote.


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