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Because we have friends who like to corrupt us, My Beloved Partner (whom I shall, unless she objects to the appearance, shall hereinafter referred to as, MBP) and I have been, on occasion, induced to taking up various online entertainments. We have been seduced, at various times to games about Frogs, etc. Recently we were shanghaid into Puzzle Pirates. It’s an MMPOG, with some role-playing. It has a pleasnstly  low key sort of feel, and lots to do.

What could be wrong with that?  Not much, really.  It’s free to play; though paying for some things can make game play a bit nicer. you can do more if you buy Doubloons, or subscribe, but one can earn Piece of Eight (the local currency), and use them to buy doubloons… so if one really likes the game one can play all aspects of it completely for free.  It doesn’t hurt the in game economy (complex) nor does it actually keep money from the coffers of the folks running it, as the Doubloons one buys in the exchange were paid for with cash. Someone decided they wanted the PoE more then the Dubs (and the going rate for PoE seems to be about 1/1000 of a US Dollar, as the most expensive Dubs are about .25USD, and the Poe/Dub rate seems to be hovering about 2,400-2,600/1).

Being the independent sort of over-achievers we can be, we’ve gotten the skills needed to (barely) run our own ship, and so bought one; and then created our own crew.

Being an Aubry/Maturin fan I named it, “Lucky Jack’s Surprise”.

Which brings me to the reason for this bit of shared silliness (quite apart from promoting the game, if you are interested in playing hit that link, since there is a recruiting bonus.

If you are already playing… I’m presently being boring and going by Pecunium; sailing on the Emerald Sea, and living on Sayer’s Rock.  It seems to be a name that people shorten in random ways; so I’ll probably be changing it to something more piratey, which will keep me from being irritated at being called, “Pec”, or worse, “Pecu”.

The next order of business is naming the ship.  At present it’s,”The Talkative Pollack”.  That’s not quite the thing.  The rules for ships’ names are Adjective/Fish.  The only vessel we have right now is a cutter.  If you can think of some clever names, I’d love to see them, not least because when I think of  one, I don’t have the means to write it down.  It would also be nice to have a name which was a bit more distinctive.


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