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Fiber management

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As I was spinning the alpaca singles, I would remove the cop (the aggregate collection of the yarn being spun.  It goes around the spindle, which means the weight/balance of the spindle increases/changes as one spin), and set it aside.  Sometimes I wound it off, into a ball, and other times I just slipped it off.

I also had at least one ball which was off a turkish spindle.  All of them have been living in a bowl I threw back when I was still doing pottery.  This morning I niddy-noddied the lot.  Lessons learned.  Balls are much better than plain cops to unwind.  Bobbins are easier still.  These are all “S-laid”, so they will make a more open structure when crocheted, and a tighter one if knit Plying/cabling reduces this tendency, a bit, but it’s apparently true that if one want’s a tight piece of fabric from crochet, one needs to have the yarns spun in a Z-laid manner… another reason to get yarn made, rather than buy it off the shelf if one is doing crochet.  Knitters are much better served by mass-production yarn.

I have to say getting the wheel has done more for my confidence about my spinning.  Even the sloppy work I’m doing on the wheel seems to be no worse than much of what I see when I go looking for information on spinning.  Etsy has been useful in this, because when looking for fiber I see yarns for sale.  It interesting to guess at the production.  I know what the fibers I’ve been looking at cost (I’ve been drooling over some yak/tussah, but at $50 for a 4oz roving, I’m not going to be spinning it anytime soon).  I know what time is worth.

So I can estimate what sort of wool/alpaca has been spun, and take a guess at the preparation (I tend to assume that someone charging more for the same quality of fleece has been working from less prepared wool; though some people are also owners of sheep/alpacas, and so I assume they are able to charge less, and still get a fair return for their labor).  I also get to see the sorts of yarns people are willing to try and sell (concomitantly I also see the yarns they think people will buy).

My yarn isn’t that bad.  My spindled yarn is at least as even as a lot of the stuff I’m seeing for sale.  So I need to have someone knit/crochet some of it up, so I have some sense of it being liked, as a product, by other people; as well as my liking it as a process.


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