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I made soup tonight.

I’d made some clear stock from the skin and bones of a couple sets of thigh quarters, and to that I added the backs/bones/skin of some thighs from another package.  I reserved the thigh meat and the drumsticks.

Added some water to the stock, and set that to simmer with some long pepper (three catkins, I think five, or six, might have been better), a bay leaf, some celery tops and a few pieces of carrot.  Let that simmer for an hour and half, strained out the bones, the skin, most of the vegetables.  Replaced the long pepper.  Added some more celery, carrots a turnip and some smoked salt.  Let that simmer for about 40 minutes.  Turned the heat down, cut the thighs, added some onion.

I let that simmer (below the boil, keeping the temperature around 180F makes the thigh meat so soft you can cut it with a spoon.  Not shred, but cut it across the grain; like sous vide, but with more flavor from the stock) for about 30 minutes.  Then I added some farfalline, and fried the drumsticks in a bit of oil.  When they were done I put some chopped dill into the bottom of a bowl, added a drumstick, and topped with the soup.

The soup was rich, and mild, while the browned, slightly unctuous nature of the drumstick; which had a more toothsome texture, was a pleasant counterpoint.  Just the thing for cool days, or someone who has a bit of a cold.


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