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More cookery

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I am playing with food tonight.

I had thought there was zucchini in the fridge, and I’d planned a ratatouille sort of dish (I have someone who is allergic to nightshades, so I can’t make the classic).  There being none, I instead aimed for a sort of braised celery.

I took a pinch of fennel seed, and ground it, then I bruised a dash of caraway.  I added that, and a healthy handful more of caraway to some chopped onions, and set that to simmer in olive oil, at a slow boil/fast simmer.  I chopped a bunch of celery, down to the bottom; leaves and all, salted it, and left it to rest.   Haricots were chopped to small bites, and covered with rice vinegar.

In the meanwhile I took some pistachio oil and simmered a lot of dill in it.

When the onions were done I drained the oil into a deep cast iron pot, and mixed i the onions/herbs with the celery, and then added the beans, vinegar and all.  This was put into a 350F oven.

The oil from the onions is poaching chicken breasts.  I’ve got a couple box-ends of pasta on the boil now, and will toss strain the dilled oil over it.


One thought on “More cookery

  1. It was delicious.

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