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Well that didn’t go as planned

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I made some changes to supper.  No dill, I decided to make a variation on sauce bearnaise.

So, two egg yolks, some rice vinegar (the good stuff, not the kikkoman), and the change, for the oil I used pistachio.  OMG.  Seriously, this is so good.  It’s spendy (pistachio oil is not cheap, and I ran out before I was done., so the cost of making it up all the way is probably about $15US).  I was also a little shy of the right amount of tarragon (too much and what you have is a greasy licorice flavor).  So it didn’t, quite, stand up against the steelhead trout (which was a little under seared; hard but not really hard).

I powdered some applewood smoked salt to balance it out.  With an all pistachio oil sauce, and enough tarragon, this would make great mousse.  If you took a little of it as a binder you could make killer salmon cakes (with the bearnaise as a dressing for the finished cakes).  I really want to make a chateaubriand, or tournedos (Mon Grenier, of blessed memory did a pair of tournedos, one in bearnaise, and the other in a wine reduction… that could be done too… which raises the price again, but one could keep it, slightly more in reason, with a peppercorn sauce; keeping the burgundy for drinking.

But what do I call this sauce?

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