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Tonight’s Quick Fire Challenge

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We went and saw Peter Jackson’s film today.  It was good, but I’m looking forward to the day someone films The Hobbit.  Afterwards we tried to go to dinner.  Because one of my partners has a significant of allergies, it’s hard to get restaurants which are willing to really feed her.  Tonight was worse than most: after they pointed her at the bland foods, they forgot she had ordered (I wish this were a singular event).

We got home (having stopped to do some shopping) and I made her something to eat.  She’d had an omelette earlier, so that; as a just throw it together meal, wasn’t really an option.


Chiffonade of basil, small dice of cucumber, medley of chopped olives, toasted almonds.

Chopped hearts of romaine tips.

Peppered, and smoked, makerel; shredded.

Leaves of Romaine.

Place shredded romaine in the leaves, add mackerel, cover with the mixture of cukes, olives almonds.

As I was making it I realised I was working the sort of thing Top Chef tosses at people, “make a salad; suitable for appetizer or meal, without dressing; in fifteen minutes.”


One thought on “Tonight’s Quick Fire Challenge

  1. That sounds very tasty!

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