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Working without a net

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I have sprouts roasting in the oven, tossed in hazelnut oil, and hickory salt.

Main course will be salmon en papillote.  Salmon is skin on, a dusting of dill and and applewood smoked salt, salted caperbuds in the crease of the envelope, and a dab of dijon (with toasted cumin); over some frizzled shallots and under a pile of minced kalamata.

Appetizer will be the skirt of the filet, seared to a crunchy sort of, “salmon candy”.

I’ll toss the sprouts with a vinaigrette and make a leaf salad to go on the side.

Start to finish, about fifty minutes.  Less if you use powdered cumin and skip the frizzling.



I was working without a net because I had no way to taste the food before I served it.  Since I don’t like sprouts I had to guess at the end result.

The sprouts were well received, I forgot that I wanted to try one until they were all gone.  The bits I did taste weren’t bad.  The salt and the nut combined to give it a really nice base note, and the time in the open bowl (I cooked in visionware), let it caramelise.  The fish was perfectly textured, and that I had the elements in dollops meant the flavors of the main course were changing as one ate.

MBF had a Belgian Brown, and Our Other Partner and I had some Tokaji Sec (a white).  The salmon was a S. American Coho, which is a bit more like Atlantic Salmon than Alaskan Coho, though it has more fat, and would be great for making a crispy salmon skin.  I also chose to use the Smoking Gun and some cherry wood to smoke it.  So it was, after a fashion, “smoke three ways”.

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