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Stormfront (a font of racist, and eliminationist claptrap) is on a crusade. See, the “white race” is in danger of extinction, because people are saying racism is bad.

They are trying to engage in a campaign to make people realise this, by changing the terms of debates on race. Mind you Stormfront is a group that has no problem, when talking about how best to spread some agitprop, asking, “What would Hitler do?.

Some of the gems from the little screed they have on how to promote the “being against racism is being anti-white” idea include:

● 1 Stay on message; we deal with the genocide of White people and the perpetrators, anti-Whites. When talking to the general public don’t go into a rant about Jewish conspiracies, banking families, NWO, etc. White genocide is the first step to establish a beachhead in the general population’s consciousness — we can expand on other ideas later.

● 12 Be aggressive and take the moral high-ground; if they call you names say “You’re only saying that because I’m White”.

● 13 Think before you talk. Talking about commiting violence is a no-go. No talking about genocide tribunals because it makes us look dangerous. Using lots of bad language is going to make you – and us – look stupid. That does not mean treat anti-Whites with dignity.

They have odd ideas about what does, or doesn’t make one look stupid.

● 14 YOU ask the questions. If you don’t get a reply keep asking them – it means your opponent is embarrassed and is trying to get off the subject. If they demand you answer questions say “WE ask the questions, because YOU support/justify genocide of MY people!”.

● 17 Know your target audience and wrap our message around what appeals to them. Young adults want to talk about education fees and housing prices, Teens want to talk about music, Old people want to talk about pensions, etc. Try to connect with the people using their language/colloquialisms e.g. “Dude” “Mate” “Bloke” “Howdy” “Yeah” “Lol” “Rofl”

It’s all too easy to think, “what morons, who would listen to them?”. To which one can only say people are listening to them. The Republican Party tolerates, and in some ways actively encourages them. They have also figured out one of the most important aspects of this sort of thing… making it seem the conversation they are trying to have is relevant. They think getting the message out will help them. In some ways they are right. With the Republican Party going on about how this is, “a post racist world”, and any number of the pundits who support them (and are accused of being, “liberal” just because they happen to be members of, “the press”) going along with the idea, there is a currency to the idea that whites are being oppressed by not being in complete control.

I think the last word, the one they need to defend ought to be what they put at the head of their little “mantra”, because it more accurately expresses what they really want.

The Mantra


That’s what they believe. It’s what they want to hide (that and Jewish conspiracies, banking families, NWO, etc). They know that were they to try and flesh out their beliefs people would be against them. They are looking for ways to make those ideas more palatable. So if you see someone spouting off like that, you can look at their script (it’s all there, at that link) and be ready for the “debate” they will try to have.

I’d ask them why they want “white countries for everybody” and what they intend to do about “the jewish problem” and, “the banking families”. Make them defend their core ideas. If they are against the “anti-Racists” then one must assume they are pro-racism. Since, when they talk amongst themselves they admit it, it’s a fair question to ask them why they are trying to hide it now.

Link back to their talking points. Those talking points are defensive They know they have a radical agenda on race, and they want to hide it.

If you see it, shine some light on it.


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