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I tried, and tried, to find a headline without some sort of profanity. That was the best I could do. Lawmakers (guess the party) in N. Dakota are pushing for an even more offensive form of drug testing before granting public assistance to the needy. Never mind that the number of people who are looking for welfare and addicted has proven to be be small (so small that the projected savings from all, “Those People” being excluded have never materialised; which makes since, drugs cost money, poor people tend to not have it lying spare.†

To add insult to injury the politicians in N. Dakota have proposed making the people applying for welfare pay for the cost of the test. If you fail, then you are ineligible for public assistance for one year. Fail twice, and it’s three years. This isn’t bad, says, Keith Kempenich (one of the bill’s sponsors) because, It’s not overly burdensome. Most employers require drug testing pretty much across the board. Which isn’t as true as all that, and that they are allowed to is a different rant. I can, to a limited degree, see the rationale; if not justification, for some jobs testing for certain types of drug use.

But, since we have so many legal drugs, even that has some problems. I worry more about a bus driver who is drinking Red Bull or Rockstar to stay awake, than I do about one who take a few tokes, off the clock. Wal-Mart has no good reason to give a shit, but I digress.

A drug test costs money. It costs, roughly, 100 bucks. I’ll bet it also has to be in a certified How many of those are there? Does someone have to haul themselves all the way to Bismark to get one? What does all that cost? How long will this delay the process? How will a false positive be appealed?

What’s all that going to cost the State of N. Dakota, just so some Republican politicians can stroke the sense of Holier than Thou?

† Mind you, even if there were addicts looking to use welfare to pay for the habit, I suspect that would be cheaper than the second, and third order effects of them trying to feed a habit, e.g. the crimes they might commit, the lack of solid homelives for children, etc. But I’m just a bleeding heart liberal, or something.


2 thoughts on “Assholes

  1. I had to have a pre-employment drug screen (I work in health care–fair enough) but the employer paid for it.

    This is right up there with the supposed “voter fraud” (never demonstrated) that led to photo ID voting laws. Ridiculous.

  2. I had to give a sample for a temporary job.

    (The minuscule amount of “voter fraud” seems to have been perpetrated by…Republicans.)(And when I say “minuscule,” I mean just below winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning on the same day.)

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