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Perhaps I hold myself to too high a standard

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I have been complaining that I’m not doing as well with my spinning as I’d like. When I ply it’s a little overspun, which is probably the result of being not quite consistent in the singles. Well I bought an app (iSpin Toolkit) for my phone. It was a bit pricey (at $4.99), but it has a couple of tools which were well reviewed enough by other spinners for me to figure it was worth it to get. The twist gauge, and the various calculators are really nice. The inch block to let me see how many Twists Per Inch (TPI) I’ve got on a ply is sort of handy. At some point the predictive tools will be useful.

But what I really wanted was the Wraps Per Inch (WPI) gauge. That will let me figure out what my grist (i.e. a rough guess at how many Yards Per Pound [YPP] I’m getting). That drop-spindle stuff I’ve been working on… I guestimated it (using my knuckle, while it was on the spindle) at somewhere between 25-30 WPI. Which is fingering weight, and gives between 1800-2400 YPP. Respectable. It would ply up to about 17 WPI (at 3-ply) and come in at DK weight. The 2oz I’m working should come in, at that WPI with about 20 yards of yarn.

Which, when I crunch those numbers seems a bit short. I’ve done about .7oz of fiber. I am pretty sure I have more than 100 yards already. Putting the single on the WPI gauge, I see… between 75-80 WPI. that’s cobweb. At three plies it’s about 40 WPI, which is laceweight, and ought to give somewhere between 100-150 yards, depending on just where it averages, between 75-80.

So my spindle spinning is really fine. If it’s strong enough to hold up to the strains of being reeled off, and plied, it will be fine yarn, as well as being finely spun.

On the wheel today I was spinning some worsted. I’m not as good at that as I’d like; and this wool probably wanted to be spun woolen, at least in terms of being a soft hand, but it’s about 55 yards, and weighs in at 1.1oz. I’ve not set the twist, and it’s a bit energetic, but we’ll see how it comes out. Poking about on Etsy, I don’t think my yarn is any worse than much of what I see being offered.

Not bad, all in all.

But I want to be better. I suspect I won’t think my yarn is, “good enough” until I can make it, and have people think it was done on a machine.

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