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I made a mistake in my last post, on spinning.  I mistook my niddy-noddy’s dimensions.  It’s not a 1 yd skein, but a 1.5 meter skein.  So the amount of yarn I made (and the total fiber) is a bit more than I thought.

Not 78 yds, but 117  for a grand total of 2106, when the singles are accounted for.  But my folly isn’t what I wanted to talk about.  I want to sing the praises of a fiber/spinning supply company.

I need (well, perhaps want very badly) a slightly faster set of gearing for my wheel (this will make it easier to spin thin yarns, and to balance my plies).  So I looked around and found a cherry wood whorl for about what most places wanted for a maple one.  I like cherry.  They also had a nice price on some camel/tussah top (50/50, which keeps the price down).  So I ordered the whorl, and 6 oz of fiber from Bountiful.  Since I was feeling greedy for my new toy I decided I’d opt for UPS, over Parcel Post.

Which is where the Customer Service came in.  On the web page they list Parcel post as ~$10 and UPS as ~$12.  They also say they won’t bill for shipping until the compute the price.  So I got an email, from them, asking if I really wanted to pay the extra for UPS, since the USPS was only going to cost about $6.  I sent a reply telling them that so long as I could reasonably expect it by the weekend, please sent it USPS (I happen to very much like the USPS, it is one of the underrated marvels of the world, and I use it whenever I can).  That was all within six hours of my placing the order.

This morning I got a note telling me it was packed, and on the way; telling me the whorl (a small piece of turned wood) was wrapped in brown paper, and to make sure I had remembered to make sure it was out before I discarded the box (which seems reasonable; yes, it was what I started this whole thing to get, but 6oz of camel hair/tussah might distract anyone from noticing that they’d not unpacked the wooden bit).

Kudos to them.  I will be checking back as I consider other equipment/fiber needs.


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