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I said I try to spend a little time with the plants every day.  These are a couple of photos from the “garden”.

The first is from the, “Cutting Grape” (so called because I grew it from a cutting a took from a vine, and stuck in a pot, about 12 years ago).  It’s a small mushroom.  I’ve had various fungus pop-up in the base of the grape, so I don’t know if this is one I brought from Calif., or one I acquired here.  I didn’t get any musrhroom growth last year, so I’m pleased.

New Shroom

The other is a something I’ve never done before. I planted some asparagus. This pipped yesterday, and today it was about four inches high. The small plants are za’atar seedlings.

Baby Asparagus


I took both those photos with my iPhone, though I did some post in LightZone.


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