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Fortunate perfidy


A year ago March my phone abandoned my pocket, and was destroyed.  I replaced it.  Yesterday, as I was at work, it took a dive from my locker and landed flat.  It was one of those perfect problem moments.  I have, you see, an Otterbox; durable, tough (if a bit bulky, my iPhone is lacking some of the sleek look it’s famous for), but this was the aspect of landing which is not it’s best.  The landing was hard enough to move the physical switch which mutes the phone, and something (an irregularity in the floor, some quirk of the inner-shell’s structure, who knows) made enough of an overpressure to damage the screen.

There’s an Apple Store near my work.  No specific joy.  They had no slots. but the diagnosis was “not fixable”.  Prognosis was when I got an app’t they would replace it for $200, and I’d be in and out.  Go home, and back up the phone, then come in and replace it.  So I made an app’t for this morning at 1150, at the W14th St. store.  When they got to me, the verdict was, “you’re screwed”.

Turns out the woman who sold me the phone hadn’t mentioned that she’d had the screen replaced (which Apple spotted the moment it came out of the Otterbox).  Third party work means they won’t do anything.  I could straight up buy a replacement (IIRC about 470USD), or get it fixed at a place which does 3rd party repairs, which the tech told me I could do a couple of blocks away.

So off I trundled.  Got coffee while I waited for the shop to open, and they quoted me a $65 price tag.  Since it was already too late to worry about violating the warranty, I said sure.  Though it was more trouble, because they don’t take AmEx,  and I don’t have a bank-card right now, because someone in Georgia used my info to shop at Walmart on Thurs..  So I had to have someone come and bail my phone out of hock (which is why I’m just now getting home from a noon app’t, for  a five minute fix at the Apple Store).

It would have been nice to know that I was getting an out of warranty phone when I bought it.  Not so much because I really needed the warranty (the phone has had zero problems), but because I’d have been able to save myself some frustration,  and hassle (to say nothing of the inconvenience it caused me to ask others to go through to make my life a bit easier; no matter how willing they were to do it).  When all it said and done, it saved me 130 bucks, or so, but still…

On the upside, even with the screen malfunctioning (the bottom half was an amorphous mass of pastels, and the upper half was pretty faded), the phone still worked.  I was able to get to the apps/functions (though I had to poke about a bit to find them) and I was still able to call people.  The internet, and other aspect of, “smart” were missing, but it was still a functional phone.  The Otterbox also did pretty much was supposed to, the screen was damaged (from g-force), but the glass was completely unharmed.


4 thoughts on “Fortunate perfidy

  1. $65 to work inside apple hardware? Wonder if they’d have parts for a 7 year old macbook pro, that price is a steal and my baby needs “some” work (my baby needs a lot of work, including a new logic board). Your poor dropped phone is working again though?

  2. They might (was this TekServe? if it wasn’t, TekServe might)

    Apple has a flat-rate repair service for out-of-warranty machines. When my 2008 MBP died a bit over a year ago, it was $330 to replace the motherboard, and I beielve they’d have taken care of any other problems it had that weren’t due to physical abuse. (So they wouldn’t fix the bent corner of the case.) Not cheap, but it was better than I was expecting.

  3. This isn’t a case of out of warranty, it’s a case of warranty voided, which I think it what made the difference; or perhaps phones are different.

  4. Possible. When you are next up here, we can see what they have to say. Was a small shop, cluttery; but this was a 4S, so only a couple of generations old.

    Yes, phone is working, though I am sick, and about to curl up on the couch, perhaps with a hot toddy.

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