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Gardening, and landscape maintenance

I just did about 2 1/2 hours of it. I’m tired.  I have some blisters (one is burst, which is no big deal; better if it wasn’t a bit dirty, but it’ll be all right.  The other never got enough damage to get filled, so it will be callous by this evening).

The eradication of the japanese knotweed proceeds apace.  I spent a chunk of Friday ripping all the aboveground plant out.  I also dug up a lot of the rhizome; as well as a lot of bricks.  Yesterday I saw that I’d missed some of the rhizome which was near the ground (not a huge surprise, it was like trying to play tug of war with the Midgard Serpent.  That stuff goes deep, and ranges far).  I spotted it because it was making new shoots.  Ripped it out.  If I keep on top of it I can probably starve it to death.

Chopped up about 60 gals. of forsythia (and some prostrate juniper, and a little bit of the japanese maples; to keep them in better shape).  Then I started to put in one of the blueberries.  That’s how I got the blisters.  I wanted to dig a hole able to hold about 20 gallons.  The plant is in a 3 gallon pot, so that would give it some room to spread, and let me amend the soil to make it more acidic, thus keeping the bush in better humor.  I dug one about 10 gallons.  I did have the advantage that the peat I added didn’t contribute to having too much spoil left over; because about 20 percent of what I removed was bricks and broken concrete (As well as the hood ornament of an ’80s Chrysler).  It was trying to excavate the larger pieces which caused the blisters.

So I have some asparagus in the ground (and some more to plant) and one of the two blueberries (blueberries are not self-fertile, in fact they require cross pollination; two bushes of the same variety will not fruit).  Some mesculin, and bulbs for next spring, are going into a separate planter.  Dill seed has been tossed about.  Garlic chives have sprouted, the grape has got nine bunches of buds.  I need to order some za’atar seeds, because the one’s I had don’t seem to have been fertile.  I nipped the first buds from the basil (I need to plant more, three is not enough).  I have the season’s first oregano drying already.

Life is good.