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Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post

That’s the thing I noticed.  It wasn’t Amazon, it was Jeff Bezos.  He owns it, as his own property.  It’s not an arm of Amazon, it’s not a branch of the octopus.  It’s better, and worse.  As the owner/publisher he is the Rupert Murdoch of the Post.  What he says goes.   It’s not that he doesn’t have a huge sway over Amazon.  But if Amazon bought the Post, then there would be layers between him and the editorial page.  Layers between him and the Editor in Chief, or the News Editor, etc.

So that’s what (as someone who was once managing editor of a newspaper) I see.  Bezos now has the, not quite facetious “freedom of the press” we joke about, he owns a press.  He owns a pressu with a bully pulpit.  He’s got his hands on the “hometown” paper of Washington DC, and the people who run the gov’t.

It’s better, and worse, than it look at first blush.