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Spring is here

And modern practice (greenhouse seedlings) means I have already made my first harvest. There is a bunch of oregano drying in the darker portion of the downstairs hallway.  The Etrog has decided to put out new shoots (the coldish nights, and some hellacious winds beat a lot of leaves off the tree with the fruit… the fruit which has been on the tree for 10 months… and won’t be ripe for Shavuot, caused a huge loss of leaves.  I was afraid that tree might not make it, but it’s come back).

The nascent bunches of grapes number at least nine.  The amaryllis is about to bloom, there are garlic chives in all their spiky glory.  I see some California poppy sprouts (seeds from last summers attempts at guerrilla gardening which appear to have not sprouted, and are now coming up; we shall see if they are allowed to reach flowering.  There are three in the one place, and one in another.  I also put a lot out in the past couple of weeks).

The only concerns are the forsythia (rambling, and overgrowing the back) and what looks to be a pair of incursions of japanese knotweed.  Which means I am going to be having some fun trying to contain it.  That it’s growing on the far side of the fence on the property line on one side, and in an access way we don’t own on the other is a problem.  That part of the eradication effort involves Roundup bothers me a lot.

Oh well.