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Turn,and turn about

Spinning.  I like it.  Right now I have four projects going, two on the wheel, two on spindles.

Tomorrow I will have two.  I have reeled the three bobbins of 50/50 suri alpaca/bamboo “silk”, which I will ply tomorrow.  The singles are lovely.  I think I need to see about ordering a .lb or so, and making a lot of 2×2 cables.  It would make a really nice sweater, a russet sort of fiery tweed.

When that’s done I can take the 80/20 wool silk I’ve been spindling (at ridiculously fine WPI, about 80, it ought to ply out at about 30 wpi, though the silk might mean it’s closer to 36.  That puts the final yarn between lace and baby weight), and reel it it off the spindles, and then ply it up.

So then I can start new projects.

I need more bobbins, and I want a bulky flyer.  I’ve also learned I need a box to keep the fiber in my portable projects from felting in my knapsack.  The last spindle of the will is lot less consistent than the first two, because it got pretty felty.


Photos to follow.