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Making things

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I have a Patreon, mostly to deal with writing about making things. I’m not sure how much political ramblings would go over. On the one hand, keeping different platforms for different things seems to be a recipe to let some things slide, on the other there is something to be said for keeping those things more likely to irritate paying customers to a minimum.

The other aspect is, of course, that I shall probably start to delay the release of things I write; so as to give some incentive to supporting most of what I have to offer, which is writing, and putting the political up on a delay seems counter to the purpose. I do know that having sat myself down to write about this and that was inspiring to write more about other things, so it’s also a case of habit (though I really don’t like the keyboard on the Dell Envy. I may fire up the Pavillion and use it as a writing platform; use this for games and photo editing).

So this isn’t going away, but if you like this, and feel like putting a bit in the tip jar, there’s now a place to do that.

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